Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stumbled across Lindsay Mitchell

I don't quite know what to make of Lindsay's blog. It certainly appears genuine and she's no troll but there's something malevolent about it.

The posts are reasonable in content but repetitive in their cynicism and negativity. I suspect that Lindsay wants to see real improvements in social wellbeing in NZ but her solution appears to be to deny those in need the most basic of benefits, benefits that accrue to all citizens of first world nations, in the hope that they'll pick themselves up by their bootstraps.

Her Prison vs Work post was what clinched it for me. So trite and simplistic; like offenders calculate their meal allowances by forecasting protein quotients and floor space?


crasster said...

She's not a troll - maybe a little obsessed - but not a troll.

backin15 said...

Yeah, certainly not a troll and obviously genuine. I'm trying to to sound at all patronising, I don't mean to be, she's entitled to her view and it is consistent as far as it goes. I just think her editorial line is simplistic and overly cynical.

proud2bkiwi said...

There is something almost medieval in her thinking. Comments suggesting that those that can't afford to pay for education should have to rely on the charity of others belong back in the dim distant past before we became civilised.

backin15 said...

It is a little simplistic, that though appears to be the luxury of ideology.