Monday, July 17, 2006

Rebalance: sport, sport, more sport

  1. I'm nervous about the Boks on the weekend, Henry's right to say they can't have two shockers in a row...
  2. Swannies miss out in the last few minutes against the Eagles making two loses in a row, they're still in the top eight (yeah and what was Nick Davis thinking?)
  3. In an interview on 702, Liz Ellis tells of having severe asthma as a child however she still went on to be an elite athlete (I like Liz, but I have to point out that the Silver Ferns, have won won all of their recent encounters against Australia and long may it continue)
  4. Have you seen the footage of Ali Williams 'tackling' George Greegan; priceless (thanks Russell Brown).
  5. Brendon McCullum belts 160 for Glamorgan.
  6. Really must get that bub some baby beige.
  7. Oh dear, The Chaser's in trouble for their parody of Bulldog's fans; a little too close to the truth perhaps?
  8. Michael Campbell launches a new charitable foundation.
  9. I think Mauger will go on to be one of the best second five eighths of all time, John Schuster was one my favourites (the 1987) but is Warwick Taylor still the benchmark?
  10. It's worth remembering that Buck Shelford never lost a game as captain of the All Blacks; 14 tests in four years.


crasster said...

Turns out it wasn't anything to worry about!

By the way, Buck was a Rotorua Boy. Went to the great school, Western Heights High. In about a five year period WHHS produced Hika Reid, Steve McDowell and the venerable Mr Shelford.

backin15 said...

What wasn't anything to worry about - 1. refers to this weekend's game.

Didn't know you went to the same schools as these greats. My school produced Kirwan and more recently, Isaia Toeava.