Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ten things I'll likely not do in 2007

Forget your New Year's resolutions, they're passe frankly. What are the things you thought about resolving but then decided against, knowing all too well you didn't stand a chance?
  1. Polish the car
  2. Not buy the promotional two for the price of one wine (pretending that I'm expanding my tastes)
  3. Only ever drink after 5pm
  4. Have at least two alcohol-free days per week
  5. Buy only second-hand books
  6. Incur no parking fines or late fees for DVDs
  7. Give the CDs I buy as gifts for friends to them without first burning them to the 'puter
  8. Not play Tonkapom or Last Man Standing or Stick Cricket while on work calls
  9. Not put people on hands-free (I'm sooooo busy that I need to play games and talk to you about your shitty work)
  10. Not buy Whopper burgers when pissed.


Anonymous said...

At least now we know what you are doing with your hands when you are on the phone.

crasster said...

Yeah, "polishing the car" - that's code, right?

Chris said...

You guys never fail to amuse...