Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1986: the year of excess

Oh god, I remember too much of this, certainly too much of Gloss - although I have no regrets about remembering Chelsea/Lisa Chappell.

Hattip: Phil Whoar.


Cheezy said...

I remember trying to chat Lisa up in a bar in Ponsonby (Tuatara from memory) about a decade ago. My arm was in a sling and she came up to me and started asking me all about it, how it happened and all that, mainly (I thought) because she was trying to ignore the bloke she came in with (her date???)...

Anyway, I didn't get anywhere, but still... I thought she was lovely :)

backin15 said...

You're shitting me, as they say in these parts, you tried to chat up Lisa Chappell? I'm assuming you told her you were injured saving a baby that had fallen in a lion's den or some such?

I once spent most of a day and evening with Karen Walker, stunning young woman, but we were at a wanky government thing and paired up as the only people under 50 there.