Thursday, January 11, 2007

Johnny come lately

Howard's apparently told Bush that he needs to try Hicks asap:
"I discussed this matter with the president at some length yesterday and he's been left in no doubt the strength of feeling of the Australian government"
I can't help but think Howard's dressing up the conversation a little?


Cheezy said...

"dressing up the conversation"

I suspect you're right about this.

Still, if he even mumbled the name of Hicks under his breath, then I guess he must have bigger balls than our PM... (this doesn't mean they're any bigger than pinenuts though).

backin15 said...

I guess it's a relative thing, but I see Blair as being clearer about his views, where the converge and diverge with Bush's, than Howard. Howard's just Bush-lite but perhaps you think Blair is too?

Cheezy said...

Yes! (i don't disagree with you about Howard though)