Sunday, January 07, 2007


I've never been a dieter - never, never, never.

I remember, years and years ago, John Walker doing an advert for Chelsea suger which ended with him saying "everything in moderation is good for you". I completely agree, however I can't claim to have been moderate for the last little while (it might have been longer than that actually).

Anyway, Mrs backin15 does some sort of cleansing/purifying thing every year around this time and always feels great. This year I think I'll join in... it's only 7 days (or 15 if you want but let's be realistic) however the diet requires:
  • no coffee
  • no booze
  • no dairy
  • no red-meat
  • no sugar or salt or pepper
  • and nothing refined/manufactured.
Basically it's fruit, veges, gruel and dietry fibre supplements ... ho-freak'n-ray!


crasster said...

I still like my approach: Me a bunch of colleagues bet on ourselves to lose weight. If we lost the bet (i.e. missed our target) we sacrificed the stake to those who were successful. In true macho style, sledging, bagging, humiliation and side-betting ensure everyone keeps honest.

backin15 said...

I remember you doing it. This one's not so much about weight, although I'd not complain if I dropped some, it's more about energy and health. I'd never do it but for the fact that MrsB15 raved about it last time.

Cheezy said...

I think my body would go into shock if I tried a week without coffee, booze and meat... but good luck to you!

backin15 said...

Actually, the little red book that accompanies the diet talks about all the symptoms you might experience - the only physiological symptoms I'm experiencing is mild headaches from lack of coffee but the psychological symptoms are another story - not having a glass or two of wine once the little one's in bed.... that's not fun at all (thank god for double episodes of the West Wing).

Mrs Smith said...

No coffee! No booze! I'd die. I could live without the diary, though.

crasster said...


backin15 said...

Dairy indeed.

No coffee hasn't been too difficult so far. In fact the diet's easy enough but for between 6pm and 8pm when I have to distract myself from the wine rack...

Real test tonight, we're off to a gig