Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Updating the threads

I was at a conference yesterday, which I might try to blog on as it was surprisingly good, and so didn't get a chance to update a few threads.

Chloe of Wainui and Lynn of Tawa are the preferred alternative leaders of the National Party, having won 47% of the votes to defeat Key and any of his potential running mates.

  • Any suggestions on their major policies and/or points of difference with the current administration?
  • I imagine Chloe will not be wearing Trelise Cooper!

I picked Ruben Thorne's recall right but I'd selected Tuitupo and not the third halfback, Cowan. I also picked a second specialist number 8, Tuiali'i, as well as Kaino but instead the selectors have gone with a third hooker, Hore (who was in my squad but ahead of Oliver) and a fourth lock.

Alkatiri did go - Gusmao's brinkmanship succeeded. This morning on 702 they're reporting that Gusmao will call another election if he can't find, and have the Parliament confirm, another Prime Minister. Here is a link to ABC's Kerry O'Brien interviewing Horta about the situation.

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