Thursday, June 22, 2006

Birthday tomorrow

It's my 36th birthday tomorrow. There's five things that I'd like:

  1. Dinner with my wife
  2. A hug and kiss from my baby
  3. The day off
  4. To watch Australia to beat Croatia at the pub
  5. To finish my book.
Not too much to ask... better than dying aged 36 as did Doc Holliday, Bob Marley, and Princess Diana.


Hadyn said...

Happy Birthday for tommorrow!

I just followed your comment on my blog to get here. Very good read. I'll add your link to my sidebar (which seems to be a very high form of praise in the blogworld). But do i put you under Wellingtonians?

backin15 said...

Hadyn, thanks for the birthday wishes and for the link - I'm compiling a list of links and really like your blog (mutual praise is not a bad thing...) which will be listed under both sport and politics.

Not sure if Wellington is the right tag - I consider myself a Wellingtonian despite (a) growing up in Auckland and (b) now living in Sydney....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. You didn't need to be so gratuitous in soliciting good wishes. But I suppose you might be close to being a Dead Duck.

backin15 said...

Fair cop. I still have that photo by the way.