Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Podcast recommendations?

I used my iPod most days including at work if I'm able. When I have writing to do and can ignore the phone, I'll use my iPod to screen-out the office background noise. I listen to a pretty limited range of music in this situation, usually instrumental stuff so that lyrics don't distract me.

Increasingly, away from the office, rather than listen to music, I've been preferring podcasts. Hence the request. I'd love others' recommendations of their best podcasts. I'll not give any guidance save for saying the two podcasts I most enjoy are BBC 4's New Quiz and ABC radio's Background Briefing. I'd welcome any suggestions.


Anonymous said...

The New Yorker podcasts are pretty good, if you're interested in American Politics. I subscribe to the Comment one (which is their weekly editorial essay) and the Political Scene, which is a conversation about American politics, usually featuring Dorothy Wickenden, Hendrik Hertzberg and others. You can subscribe through iTunes, or through links off the New Yorker website.

There is also, of course, Russell Brown's Media7, if you have video, although I find it's better to watch it on the laptop. I also subscribe to the BBC's Art and Ideas roundup, though I find I'm selective about what I listen to on that one.

David Choat said...

I've probably said most of these previously, but:
* More or Less: Behind the Stats
* Martin Wolf (FT)
* Start the Week with Andrew Marr (BBC Radio 4)
* APM: Robert Reich
* Harvard Press: Authors off the Page
* Thinking Allowed (BBC Radio 4)
* Bad Science
* Saturday Morning with Kim Hill

backin15 said...

Fantastic, thanks to you both. US and UK politics are of interest and though I'm familiar with some of these, I'm not with many others so will subscribe. Cheers.