Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I'd not been a fan of Rafa and would've prefered Federer to have won the Australian Open but this is classy:
But for me, too. Roger is, we have a relationship and was tough moment for him … too much emotion is there yesterday, no? But probably in the future when we see that moment on the TV it's going to be nice, but when you live that moment, it's tough. Because I can't enjoy 100 per cent the victory because I saw him cry.


Just my opinion said...

Eastwood persona??? Sheesh, that is pushing it pal. But if you want to suck up to others to make yourself feel better then be my guest!

backin15 said...

Clint, your comments on the PMS website were pretty ridiculous. As humorous as you thought it, surely you could see what it was offensive to others, and not just to women? I've appreciated some of your comments here and elsewhere but that doesn't mean a free-pass when I think you're wrong.