Friday, February 06, 2009

The News Quiz

And here's another extract from a favourite podcast, the BBC 4 News Quiz. The following exchange was between Jeremy Hardy and David Mitchell. The question related to government investment in the automotive industry:
Hardy: Does it produce less carbon if we burn money, maybe we should do that? I
think we should just stop doing everything. Because they're inventing money to
make things that nobody wants - presumably nobody wants to make them, they just
want to get paid for making 'em - so maybe we should just stop doing everything. And just be calm. Maybe the whole world should lie down in a darkened room until the recession is over?

Mitchell: Yes actually, that should be the next budget; 'Let's just give it a
year, on everything, just stay where you are, don't move'. Like we've nationally
dropped a contact lens...


Giovanni Tiso said...

Jeremy Hardy naturally, author of the following joke after the US election: (from memory) "The question is no longer whether America is ready for it's first black president; it's whether it's ready for the assassination of it's first black president."

You were asking about podcasts the other day, and The News Quiz is a personal staple but I'll also have to admit to extreme geekiness (not to mention criminal behaviour, possibly): I record the Daily Show and the Colbert Report and covert them into audio (since there's no way I could find the time to actually watch them, but I do walk a lot).

backin15 said...

Thanks for the typo - I googled him right, just got the spelling askew. Yes, the News Quiz is a must-listen. I might try the same approach re the Daily Show which is as good as US humour gets.

Giovanni Tiso said...

Surprisingly, Colbert is the one that doesn't translate quite as well to audio alone, in spite of the far lesser use of pictures and videos. He just conveys so much with his face. But both shows are better than pretty much anything else.

Ah, and of course there's the Prairie Home Companion (marketed on the bbc as the Garrison Keyllow Show).

backin15 said...

I actually don't much like Colbert. Not sure why as I think Stewart's a genius.

BTW, I also heard Hardy's comment about the assassination of Obama - he actually was a bit cool on Obama for a while, he didn't like his prose. Fair enough though I love it. Hardy's quite brilliant however. I most enjoy the shows that he's on.

Will check out the other 'casts you recommend too; much thanks.

Giovanni Tiso said...

And it's Keillor, of course, so long as I'm going around correcting typos.

backin15 said...

I know his books, but not his other stuff. Will investigate.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha...nationally dropped a contact lens. That's nicely feisty.
Stopped by to say thanks for your comment on my blog post via In A Strange Land - didn't wanna derail her thread and don't have me a blogname email address.
I also think Stewart's a genius...I haven't seen as much of Colbert, but it seems to be a more over-acted, cheesy way of playing out the humour, whereas Stewart's is so dry and contained.