Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winston Peters on Aus Lateline

Just saw Winston on Lateline, ABC's late night news show on the Fiji coup.

He was very good, he seemed a little hesitant in places - very uncharacteristic - but was reasonable, sensible and conciliatory. Diplomatic even. Gwad.


crasster said...

Gwad? Is that like LOL or ROTFL?

The man with the million dollar (well, million votes, anyway) smile. He's become a lot more grumpy lately. Time for him to retire, I think.

backin15 said...

Fair enough but check him out here http://abc.net.au/lateline/

Chris said...

From what I can see from this side of the world, he isn't doing too bad in the Foreign Affairs portfolio. He'll make another come back in 2008. The main issue really is whether or not he will want to make some 'waves' before then. My pick is that he quite fancies himself as an elder statesman, so he will stick it out.