Monday, December 04, 2006

Rudd and Gillard new Labor leadership

Kevin Rudd has beaten Kim Beazley to take the top spot in federal Labor. Gillard is his deputy - it's a good balance between the right and left and both present a clear contrast with Howard and Costello. Gillard will be subjected to the same vile rumour Helen Clark has been throughout her career - she strikes me as a very strong, intelligent character. Rudd's apparently not well liked within the party though from the perspective of an interested bystander, I have to say I like him.

In a tragic coincidence, Kim Beazley's brother died this morning.


crasster said...

There are rumours about Gillard being human too?!

Seriously, Gillard always impressed me. As for Rudd...well, he seems just a bit too...erm....vanilla. But then, I would describe Howard as vanilla too and he's turned out to be indomitable.

I don't know what it is about Rudd...he just sounds like an actor playing the part of a politician. Tony Blair has the same effect on me too.

To riff on an old joke: both seem to perfected sincerity. I prefer more visceral leaders. But then again, you get someone like Latham - who is visceral to the point of open abdominal surgery - and he just screws the pooch.

But, no matter what misgivings you might have about this "dream team", I think you'd have to agree Beazley had to go.

backin15 said...

The fact that every time he's leader he's challenged and loses but is then returned in uncontested elections speaks volumes for me.