Saturday, December 30, 2006

10 greatest guitar riffs

Browncardigan links to this site that shows you the tab/sheet music for a selection of the 10 greatest guitar riffs - gotta say that, although they were never my cup of tea, Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O Mine is pretty cool.

One for crasster I suspect.

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crasster said...

Well picked. And, good to see you're not completely dead in the Blogosphere. Perhaps we'll see some more posts? Heck, since you've been quiet, I've opened up some more bloggy naughtiness.

But to answer your posit: Yes, it is of interest...ANYTHING about guitars is interesting.

Talking of guitars and cool, I got Skin and Bones - the Foo Fighters' acoustic concert footage. This DVD has had a great thrashing since Mithras's birthday (25th).