Saturday, April 08, 2006

Technology - Pandora radio

A mate of mine put me onto Pandora an sort of online radio station that allows you to pre-determine the style of music you hear based on either an artist or song you like. The clever thing about Pandora is that it selects songs not based on genre or any other subjective criteria but rather based on other songs that have the same elements as the song or artist you choose. The point of this is that you end up being introduced to lots of artist you might not otherwise have heard of. Clever. I like it 'cause I can set up radio station that plays exclusively angsty-bloke music, a la Ron Sexsmith or Billy Bragg, or mellowed out house music based around Everything But the Girl.

As an aside, Ben Watt - the other member of EBTG - is now doing a lot of solo material under the Buzzin Fly label. Very very gooood with or without disco biscuits.

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