Tuesday, April 04, 2006

'Cause I don't have an Ipod..

I really don't feel part of the zeitgeist when only a year or so, perhaps mistakenly, I did. In this brief period I have become a father again and massively reduced my disposable income, free time, familiarity with bars and cafes, and capacity for original thought. On the other hand, I am now very familiar with the water content of baby food and the desirable metre of a lullabye. So because I don't have an Ipod, I now own a blog. A symbolic but important reclaimation of my place in now.

So backin15 means alternatively: I'm parlously late (again); I used to know what went on around here; and, stick around if you think there might be something worthwhile... or, see you in fifteen years when this latest child might prefer the company of anyone else compared with this tragically unhip father!

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