Saturday, April 08, 2006

Rugby statistics

I listened to the Crusaders game last night. Not having foxtel, nor an iPod as noted earlier, I usually go to the nearest rugby pub (not always easy in Sydney as NRL is the major sport) but I was looking after the bub which meant I was preoccupied. So I listened, online, to the game on ZB. Listening to rugby isn't nearly as satisfying or informative as is listening to cricket, but I was very pleased to hear Tracey Nelson providing comment and analysis. Tracey's commentary is different from most others because she focuses almost exclusively on the statistics; tackles per player, first three to the breakdown, lineout takes, run/pass/kick stats for the five eigth etc. Usually a few days after a big game, Tracey's has published her analysis on the haka site. Her most recent online piece is an excellent analysis of Richie McCaw which pretty much puts paid to the latest bit of idiocy coming out of the Warratahs.

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