Wednesday, January 07, 2009


My Christmas break is nearing its end. Sadly.

Family have come and gone. They were frenetically completing odd-jobs around the house as they departed. Jobs I'm grateful they've done, they were not going to be done by me - a lack of skill, not endeavour mind. No escape from Sydney was possible and, despite my predictions, the city remained busy. A obscene queue outside the aquarium, traffic and parking congestion at Ikea, summer sales endured... if it's a really good idea, chances are it's not only your's.

Galavanting friends have called in and delighted. The BBQ's been an essential aide. Last night Mrs backin15 spectacularly cooked two snapper to perfection (dill and lemon stuffed in their cavities). A drink or two has been enjoyed, a cigar too. Books have been read, cricket watched, sleep enjoyed. Three weeks is nice though no length of time is ever long enough, is it?

I've no real complaints, save for the brief duration. I'll bitch and moan about the weather or another 6 weeks I suspect. My first February in Sydney was the worst. I wondered how anyone ever bought a suit - what on earth do you need a jacket for? The last few days have been tolerable, just. I anxiously check the weather every evening hoping for some respite. Still, only last night, when at 2am it was still in the late 20s, was I close to overwhelmed...

2009 will have new challenges. I look forward to an expanded family. I have some misgivings but they're insignificant compared with my hopes.

This blog may not continue. I have previously stopped writing to concentrate on other things, some online, others not. I hope to continue to contribute to others' discussions either way. My respect and enjoyment of their work only grows.

I bought a blue pin-stripped suit last week. It replaces a fashionably brown one, fashionable but uncomfortable. I shopped for more hours than I normally would. I eschewed established brands for edgy ones - what image I think I have I must maintain. Ultimately however, an extremely knowledgable woman at DJs convinced me to go conservative. I consoled myself with some half-remembered insights about fashion returning to traditional themes; well see.

I was thinking of my highlights but I fear they're banal.
  • I love the mademoiselle filou light my wife gave me for Christmas.
  • I was sore for days after, but ultimate frisbee, cricket, volleyball and footy at my sister-in-laws picnic were fantastic. Laneway cricket on Christmas evening was grand too.
  • Sharing a birthday with friends from overseas was a wonderful surprise - when the power went out, I only wished I could find the cigars!
  • Our youngest climbing into our bed and not being rushed out as we raced to catch the train. Her delight at Christmas time, pure and uncritical delight, was magical. It was significantly enhanced by the enthusiasm applied by neighbours to their Christmas lights.
Holidays over; when's the next one?


Giovanni Tiso said...

This blog may not continue.

That would be a shame, although how we each choose to manage our time is such a delicate, personal thing, so I dare not interfere (btw, I've always asked myself - is it five to noon or five to midnight?).

sas said...

Your christmas pressie light is terrifying.
And you can't stop writing now, I've only just found you!

Anonymous said...

Pin stripes are good. It took me a while to work my way up to them; my view is that you need to have a certain level of confidence (maturity?) until you feel comfortable....otherwise you just look like an aspiring gangster.

backin15 said...

Thanks all.

Re the pin-stripes, though I get the point your making, my concern was "fashion-as-regression-to-the-mean"; one day you give up on trying to hang on to a little disorder, a little rebellion, a little individuality...

Anonymous said...

Conservative clothes don't take away from your individuality, in the same way that wacky clothes don't make boring people interesting. You'll be absolutely fine! :)

backin15 said...

I think you're right, but have you heard of the "halo effect"; the idea that pretty people benefit from positive attributions simply 'cause they're pretty? What happens if a conservative suit leads people to think I like John Denver?

Anonymous said...

People are unlikely to think you like John Denver because you're wearing a conservative suit; they might if you wear checkered flannel shirts and jeans, though.

BTW, John Denver wasn't that bad - check out his appearance on the Muppet Show