Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Didn't know what else to say

I had a draft post on Obama. It wasn't all that different from many others I've already read. Then my cousin gently chastised me for goofing off a little. He listed all the stuff he has to do. He was, usually is, pretty busy at work and home. I get that. Here's my reply...

Mostly, I feel the same. Not today but.

In the last few days I've reviewed and commented on four or five Cabinet minutes, revised about four dozen briefs on various matters (many about issues I previously knew nothing), written a few media releases, developed strategies and projects for increasing our commercial revenue in new markets, avoided doing dozens of crazy things by spending the best part of ten hours having dull conversations with smart people so on and so on and so on and so on....

Today, this morning, I saw the most important leader of our generation, possibly one of the most important leaders in recent modern history, a man who has the potential to do to race relations and international relations what Mandela, King and Gandhi did, a man who might be the personification of an amazing legacy, take office and solemly, thoughtfully and purposefully commit to change the world.

I was amazed, moved and inspired. Still am.

Today then, for a little while at least, I can't tolerate the banality of my work... I know I'll have to refocus again... but for today, for a little while longer, I will oscilate between being inspired and distracted 'cause I don't want to shake the feeling that everything's going to change!


Mary Cuevas said...

yes it is an important time for my country and the rest of the world. obama has done more in 8 hours for peace and justive, freedom and ethics than bush did in 8 years.
los angeles, ca

backin15 said...

Mary, thanks for your comments. I feel very much the same. His decisions on Guantanamo, on offshore prisons, on torture, on openess in government all show moral leadership sorely lacking globally - not just in your country either I might add. In Australia, our Prime Minister seemed more than happy to go along with Bush, even condemning on of his citizens, David Hicks, to illegal incarceration.

I envy you the pride you must feel at having such an inspirational leader.