Sunday, February 11, 2007

I can feel a pulse

Despite a hiatus of some weeks, I am still alive.

A holiday to NZ interupted blogging and a heavy workload continues to frustrate. Nevertheless, there's a few things on my mind.
  1. NZ internet speeds are woeful - dial-up in Hamilton was better than broadband in Akl.
  2. The Mount is still pretty cool but much more development could turn it into Brisvegas.
  3. Tui are plentiful in Akl - horray.
  4. I watched a compilation of All Blacks games from '96 to 2006; Justin Marshall really was that good, Cullen was as good a Wing as he was a Fullback (but not Centre), Mehrtens had the most sublime pass, what did Alatini do wrong specifically?
  5. Australia are right to rest Gilly and Punter and NZ may still struggle in the Chappell/Hadlee but the Australians are vulnerable as the English have proven (and, weather permitting, the bloody Poms may even win the ODI competition - rain has delayed the current game at the SCG - wish I was there... oh Gilly's gone; bowled, lovely ball that and now Pup too - beautiful seaming outswinger, marvelous).
  6. Incompensurability.
  7. Rudd's advert is very very good and the next federal election will be closer than the last.
  8. Apparently John Howard's angry about David Hicks - what that he's not dead or hopelessly guilty?
  9. Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc 2006
  10. Parfum is out at the movies soon, it'd better be good...

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Chris said...

Rudd ad is interesting. Talking similar issues to Key in New Zealand, but obviously through a very different lense!