Tuesday, February 20, 2007

3 nil, 3 nil, 3 nil...

A few years back, Ms backin15 and I travelled up to BrisVegas to see the decider in the last Chappell/Hadlee series... weather meant the game never started and the trophy was not awarded as the series was tied (we went to the Australian Zoo instead).

I'm fully reconciled now.

Macca deserves the man-of-the-series award.


Colin Campbell said...

Oh Dear

John Buchanan asked for some competition and unfortunately he got it. Australia has some serious bowling issues.

backin15 said...

Colin, agreed. Their batting might ebb and flow a little but it'll come good in the West Indies. Their bowling is looking a little fragile - I'd not have picked McGrath, I'd have picked Clark and Lee's absence will hurt them unless one of the new boys can peform.