Saturday, November 18, 2006

Get over it Murray

I've never been on the inside of National and so have never understood Murray McCully's influence; frankly, he's always seemed pedestrian to me. This latest outbust hardly convinces me otherwise.

Is Murray keen to align himself with the Monarchists? Why, 'cause National needs more support from rural NZ and old aged pensioners? Perhaps, giving him some credit, he's decided that William's likely to take the throne soon thereby newing the Crown and making it sexy with young women?

National might have some legitimate grievances with the music industry, they appear to have few if any vocal artistic supporters, but I can't see how bagging Dave Dobbyn, who quite frankly would have to be one of the most popular muso's in NZ, is going to help.

National clearly needs to renew the front bench 'cause Murray sounds like the 'narky old man nextdoor, hardly the image that'll attract votes in the major urban centres.


crasster said...

Yeah, how's that. I mean, the monarchy's never been stronger...giggle...

Chris said...

I'm not sure how attacking a kiwi icon, who has writen many of the songs a whole generation of New Zealanders identify with, can possibly be part of any National strategy!

I was at the NZ Memorial Dedication and there was hardly a dry eye in the crowd when Dave Dobbyn sang Welcome Home.

Perhaps the thing that National Party disliked about it was the theme of the song - tolerance and diversity - something the National Party of late don't seem too keen on.

backin15 said...

Ouch. Nicely put Chippy - how's the UK, cold and wet? Good that you were at the event and can report first-hand.

Cheezy said...

To give old Muzza some credit, a few years ago he came to talk to our Politics class and he achieved the near-impossible i.e. Despite swallowing 3 NoDoz's with a can of Coke, Murray still managed to put me to sleep! Amazing! (In recent past among NZ politicians, I reckon only Don McKinnon and possibly Michael Bassett could have also achieved this feat).

Chris said...

The UK is cold and wet - the NZ Memorial was a bright spot even if the weather was bracing. It was great to be surrounded by fellow kiwis again - it made me all the more aware of just how many there are over here.

And that's another thing I'm not sure the National Party get - travel and living overseas is part of the kiwi way of life. We are a small country tucked away in the corner, so it's only natural people will want to explore the world. Provided we go home one day, it can only be good for NZ!