Sunday, November 19, 2006

C is for cookie

The little one is very keen on being sung too. The Wiggles have been her favourites for a while now however they've recently been displaced by various Sesame St songs (gotta love Youtube). C is for cookie is number one at present but the Manamana song is on a rapid ascent. Yellow submarine is another crowd pleaser - fortunately for me, I think Ringo only sings two or three notes so I can manage a reasoanbly faithful rendition.

... I don't own Revolver... should I have admitted to that?


crasster said...

The laddy has his own Cookie Monster that sings "C is for Cookie". He also belches and says things like, "me so hungry..." and, "me so full...but me could always eat another...".

The song du jour though is "Bob the Builder" although it's Bob-ba-dahbah. But it's quite recognisable as he sings it in tune.

He loves music too. If I put on a music video (Foo Fighter in concert is a fave), without a word of a lie, he starts rocking his head (like a mini-head banger).

Heine said...

Try this one, its the number one but a medley for You Tube. Talk about a blast from the past:

backin15 said...

Fantastic, thanks Heine - I remember this well; very trippy. Ah the '70s (or was this the '60s?)