Sunday, November 09, 2008

High expectations

Key's set himself challenging goals. And, having largely got the result he wanted, it's reasonable to expect he'll deliver on them. His colleagues owe him. Unelectable for almost a decade, Key's remade National. They resemble a coherent team. Moderate. Ruling out Douglas ensures he has some wiggle room. In a few days, they'll stitch up a deal with ACT and United, they'll get warrants and announce priorities. Tax cuts, repealing the Electoral Finance Act and "renewing" various Boards appointments.

Labour will quickly select a new leadership team. With 12 (?) new members, many young, and a brief re-examination of focus, Labour will be a strong opposition. Two new members I've known for a while - Grant Robertson and Chris Hipkins - their wins are bitter-sweet.

I will return to Sydney. I would rather stay and support the party as it rebuilds but family and work will not permit it. I'm no less likely to return to NZ than I was. I find the tendency for people to declare they're staying or leaving based on an election result ridiculous. National conscription, that'd make me reconsider my commitment to a country, but not tax rates.

I'm one of the 380k+ who're in Australia. I left under Labour but not for any of the reasons Farrar and his mates bang on about. I left 'cause I wanted a change for a little while and kinda didn't come back. By Key's reckoning then, so long my circumstances keep me in Australia, his goverment is failing. That's no more credible now than it was when Lockwood released National's immigration policy.

I was impressed by Clark's concession speech. Her's is a remarkable legacy. I take her lead in celebrating the last nine years and respecting the electorate's absolute right to determine government. Key deserves his chance to lead, I have my doubts but he's got a clear mandate.

See you 'round.


Anonymous said...

Well, don't hurry back. We have an over-abundance of your civilization destroying ilk.

backin15 said...

Is that the new National coalition policy? Sounds like a winner.

Just my opinion said...

I find it difficult to believe you are not in Aussie enjoying the lower taxes and better lifestyle afforded by such.

backin15 said...

Heine, I like Australia - I've been here six years. Still, there's no place like home and I love Wellington despite the weather. I like other places too - parts of Auckland, Nelson, Petone and Seatoun. All fantastic places.

Lower income taxes are only part of the story. Stamp duty, health insurance and road tolls, for starters, all impact your desposable income and property still very expensive.

If you focus only on income taxes and ignore the other factors you're not making a sensible comparison.

Just my opinion said...

Indeed, I am in the UK and have been here for over 5 years now. Poms here would love to drop everything and move to Aussie.

I have a lot of family who were middle income earners who have moved to Oz, they are happier and better off and believe me - they were pretty badly off in NZ.

But I am glad you like Nelson, that is my hood and I will be on those damn beaches there this Xmas for sure!

backin15 said...

There's no doubt some workers can do better here than in NZ. Trades-qualified people particularly as well as the relatively low-skilled can find better paid work in the construction and mining industries for instance. I'm not convinced that's necessarily bad for NZ though I am concerned that if you're away long enough, it's hard to return.

The last Christmas Day I had in NZ before moving to Australia was at Bark Bay. We kayaked from the 23rd to the 30th staying ahead of the large groups that put in on Boxing Day. It is my favourite part of New Zealand.

Just my opinion said...

Mining work can be damn hard, not my cup of tea :)

That's a long kayak trip! I plan to do the South Island with the wife and father in law (both Czech) to show off the country. Will spend my Xmas on Little Kaiteriteri. Sweet!

backin15 said...

7 days kayaking is a breeze if you take it easy and pack lots of good food. It's the benefit of kayaking over walking, food and wine = ballast!