Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Under the Milky Way

Which is the best version? Original? Or the Strawpeople cover (can't find this online)


Anonymous said...

The Church - no question. The Strawpeople version is too tinny.

Cheezy said...

I liked the Strawpeople version just fine, but it can't touch The Church's original. What a great band. I saw them a few months ago - and they still rock :)

This the rather sardonic way that Steve introduced 'UTMW':

"Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the song that made us famous... Incidentally, it's also President Bush's favourite song... And by the way, William Shakespeare hummed this tune while he wrote 'The Tempest' (with me in mind for the part of Prospero)... Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, our MOST FAMOUS SONG!".

backin15 said...

Yeah, I tend to agree that the Church's original is the best - I can't think of many covers that equal or better the original?

Brilliant intro for the gig - how were they live? I didn't know they were still touring.

Cheezy said...

They were excellent. Appropriately loud and intense. I was fan back in the 80s and early 90s, but I didn't realise how 'active' they still were, until my mate bought us tickets for the gig... Most of the songs seemed to be off the last studio album, 'Uninvited Like the Clouds', which I subsequently bought and is as great as anything else they've done, in my opinion. Come to think of it, I did a full-ish review here: