Friday, July 06, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

Apparently the Flight of the Conchords are well cool. Don't take it from me or HBO even, take it from browncardigan.

They're a bit like Crowded House really, great but even greater now that someone else thinks so too! I remember when they were regulars around Wellington and generally thought of as pretty cool and pretty funny but nowhere near as cool or funny as we all think they are now... now, since the BBC series and the HBO gig...

Will Tripod feel the same? Somewhat coincidentally, they're touring NZ.


crasster said...

Brilliant. Not sure if you watched all the related links that you can see if you click "menu" but they're well worth a chuckle. I love the Conchords. Not least because they're quintessentially kiwi in their low key approach.

Cooking by Charles said...

Thankk you for this