Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The case for and against David Hicks

SBS has posted the highlights from the Insight debate regarding the detention of David Hicks (a full transcript is here). This debate includes both prosecuting and defense counsel, as well as his family and the Australian AG, Ruddock. Watching Terry Hicks struggle to calmly respond to the mock concern of Ruddock is quite something.

The Australian government has grossly misjudged this situation.

Over at RoadtoSurfdom there's an excellent summary and analysis of the debate.


crasster said...

Justice delayed is justice denied. The length of this guy's detention without proper charges is an offence against habeas corpus and any sensible person's sense of justice. Regardless of his alleged crimes, this has been shamefully handled.

backin15 said...

Yes, but will it matter - to the Australian electorate that is? I am not even slight pollyannish about Hicks; he's almost certainly naive at best but we're all dimished by his treatment.