Sunday, January 07, 2007

Left Behind: God's Quake-enhance wrath

The Daily Show's This Week with God segment review's the latest Christian-themed video games.

Man, I think I'll put off buying the faux-violence of Hitman in preference for the apocalypse - the levels are soooo open-ended.


crasster said...

Fundamentalist Christians are such a big bunch of hypocrites. For some fun, you might want to check out the recent prognostications of the wacky Pat Robertson for a bit of fun. This guy is so lovable that even his God decided to reward his loyalty by sticking a cancer up his ass in 2003. It was the Devil inspired science (you know, the same science that thinks heretical thoughts like the universe is more than 5,000 years old) that saved the old jerks life.

backin15 said...

"sticking cancer up his ass"... nicely put. Colonoscopy? At least he's probably now impotent.