Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Icebergs in NZ, hades in Sydney

I'd have paid a considerable sum of money to be somehow transported out of Sydney last night and relocated onto or near this damn iceberg - 35 degrees+ for most of the yesterday and too freak'n hot to sleep over night.

It's mild 38 degrees today.


crasster said...

Stop showing off. It's been damned freezing here off and on. Yesterday was the first nice day in ages and it was 18 degrees celsius.

Chris said...

You guys should try London! I would happily bake in Sydney right now - although it is quite amazing to think that there are such extreme temps so close to each other on that side of the world!

backin15 said...

When it's cold you can at least put more blankets on or whatever. Sydney was unbearable earlier this week - no respite from the heat, not even over night.

When the change hit last evening, earlier than predicted, it was such merciful relief - I got on an un-airconditioned train in 38 degrees but exited to a mild 20+.