Monday, October 16, 2006

ABC does the right thing

ABC have decided to screen the final Netball test between NZ and Australia live at 4.30pm rather than delayed at 11.30pm. I've been astounded that these tests aren't always live - I've not got time to verify the numbers, but I recall reading that Netball is the most widely played sport by women in Australia and yet the tests don't routinely screen live. The fact that Netball tests are always live on television in NZ may say something about limited participation in other codes, however I think it also says something about the prevalence of sexism in Australia. Hockey screens live, why not Netball? Australia is one of the leading countries in both games - what gives? ABC have done the right thing, I only hope they continue to.

TVNZ meantime are streaming it live.

My tip: Kiwis to win by 5 and take out the series. Watch for Temepara George to again dominate the midcourt.


llew said...

Although last week, the game started an hour later (at the event centre)_ because TVNZ is too pussy to move Coronation Street. Sheesh.

backin15 said...

Goddam Coro St. I recall years ago it being moved to a later or different timeslot and all manner of pensioners going on hunger-strikes (or was it just writing letters....). The fact that it doesn't even play in Australia says something about the differences between the two countries - although Australia produces its own pap of course, just everyone has whiter teeth and better cleevage.