Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Brash's leadership at risk

I've blogged plenty on my reservations about Brash's leadership of the National party. I think he's frankly inept and accident prone. I didn't like his election strategy and particularly his comments that Labour supporters weren't "mainstream" New Zealanders - the first time I've noted a kiwi variation on the "unAustralian' epithet common on this side of the Tasman.

That said, politics is a cruel profession and news that is marriage is under threat is just sad. Debate over at kiwiblog, under the horribly ironic heading of Corruption and Morality, is predictably about who is to blame (predictably might be too strong given that I think David had hoped the thread would stay focused on the pledge card). Labour, for seeding the story? NZFirst, for having copies of leaked emails that allegedly contain references to Brash's alleged infidelity? The mole in National for leaking the emails in the first place? Or Brash himself?

I almost don't care. I almost dispair actually. I think an MP's private life should generally be off limits but I suspect this will only get worse before it gets better. Muldoon's treatment of Colin Moyle is probably the high tide mark but Judith Collins allegations against David Benson-Pope were outrageous and cowardly. I also think Brash's comments about Clark's marriage were pathetic. My team are, of course, not innocent - I think the occassional comments about Nick Smith's mental health are gratuitous to say nothing about this current situation.... however that it now seems likely that Brash will be forced out by his own colleagues is almost Shakespearian in its comic tragedy.


llew said...

It's awful. But (the obligatory "but"), I do find it interesting to read the same people who gleefully stuck the knife into Clinton a few years ago for getting a blow job, now crying foul.

Another "but" now, I think Mallard is a complete & utter shit who does not deserve to hold office.

And my final "but", I'd like to hear the truth (one way or another) about Clark & Cullen's relationships now, I think fair is fair.

backin15 said...

Llew, I'm not aware of any stories about Clark or Cullen's relationships so can't comment.

I used to work for Mallard, when Labour were in Opposition, so I guess I've seen another side of him. He is, unquestionably, Labour's chief head kicker and because of this is going to annoy lots of people. I guess when politics descends to this level it's only a matter of time before the tactics offend everyone.

backin15 said...

Llew, I should have said, I'm not personally aware of any *new* stories about Clark and Cullen.