Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Brash: a unique loser?

Over at kiwiblog, andrewfalloon claimed that Don Brash could easily win a number of electorate seats and was a strong candidate (compared with the anonymous Brian Connell).

This of course reveals Mr Falloon's relative inexperience and youth - Brash lost the 1980 by-election for East Coast Bays to Gary Knapp for crissakes. Knapp who locked himself in a portaloo. Knapp of Social Credit or whatever it was called at that point. Knapp who was once described by Lange as one of the few politicians to have had the courts find him unsuitable to sell lottery tickets.

Assuming Brash is not the leader of the National Party at the next general election, he may well be the only leader of a NZ political party to have neither won an electorate seat or a general election as leader. A dubious honour!

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backin15 said...

Cheers... I'm desparately fighting my cynical tendancies which whisper in my ear "this is one of your mates, winding you up"....