Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Children's literacy

I really like the childcare service backin15-junior attends. The childcare workers are caring, diligent, thoughtful, enthusiastic and genuine. More importantly, backin15-junior loves the place. We pay pretty close attention to backin15-junior's development but also don't obsess. We read the reports of the day every day and enjoy the newsletters and updates. All of this preliminary comment is necessary so that the following isn't mis-interpreted.

On the latest newsletter, the literacy program included this little gem!
"Children are developing an understanding of the concept of writing from left to write as well as identifying the letters in their name"

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crasster said...

Don't you ever think: "What's left to write when you're left on the Right and by, rights, you should be Left not Right? It's not right. And, in the end it's left to the Right to do right by the Left by writing about righting those wrongs the Left left right out of their writings. Right?"

I get that all the time.