Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wellington in a week...

I've got myself invited to a party in Wellington, flights included - great stuff.

There are many things I miss about Wellington, friends particularly and besides catching up with loads of them, here's some of the things I'm looking forward to:
  1. Drink an Arano Feijoa Frenzy
  2. Eat the beef stronganoff from Wishbone
  3. Have a beer at Lovelocks
  4. Have a coffee at Masi (and probably Lido)
  5. Wander about Oriental Parade
  6. Have the chicken curry at Kopi
  7. A drink or two at Concrete (Is Bar Bodega still around?)
  8. Visit Smoke CDs (Slow Boat and Real Groovy too)
  9. See a band (I'd welcome recommendations - bands and venues)
  10. Any chance the Pohutukawa on the Terrace might bloom early?


crasster said...

What's more likely is:
1. you will freeze
2. you will get blown by gales
3. you will get rained on
4. after steps one, two and three you will leave the airport
5. you won't have a curry at Kopi - mainly 'cos it doesn't exist any more
6. The Pohutukawa are not early - which, as you know, is supposed to be indicative of a good summer (see points 1 to 3)
7. Did I mention the crap weather?
8. You will visit Smoke, Slow Boat and Real Groovy and realise that short of buying the Pussycat Dolls, there's little of interest.
9. At Concrete you'll realise that Wellington has more than its fair-share of pretentious gits.
10. Depressed with your experience, on your last day - you'll be whacked in the eye by a piece of damp debris blown about by gale force winds...only after you regain sight will you realise it was a still closed Pohutukawa bud.

Mrs Smith said...

The above comment is almost poetic in its unabashed virulence. I like it.

I have no idea about Wellington, but the Pohutukawa are flowering in Auckland... Hope you have a marvellous time.

crasster said...

You meant virility - did you not, Mrs Smith? I am sure it's a typo.

Actually, the cloud's so low today in Wellington that it would be hard to tell whether there's any flowering going on at all.

backin15 said...

crasster, how'd you spell "curmudgeon"? I hear the Pohutukawa are out but not necessarily the one on the Terrace. See you soon yeah - will send details of the trip over.

backin15 said...

Gutted about Kopi though... how the hell did it go bankrupt (elsewhere this is what I'm told), it was always full to over-flowing. Oh well, Shed 5's seafood chowder it is.

crasster said...

Yeah, it wasn't Kopi that dragged them down - it was other aspects of their business enterprises. There was something about not paying tax and creditors. You know, the two things that you might wanna do if you want to stay in business. Apparently, the owner found out the hard way that the IRD does not have a sense of humour.

Heine said...

I felt the same when I came back to WGTN. So I drunk myself silly and kept inside :)

Was good to go into the old Fats and see its transformation... sad and good at the same time really!