Monday, May 29, 2006

While we're at it with youtube...

If I had a theme song, say for when RNZ asks me to take over from Kim Hill, this would be it... Mo Better Blues.

The movie of the same name isn't Spike Lee's best, but this is a fantastic track and Denzel Washington is very believable as the leader of the band and trumpter, Bleak. The soundtrack is by the Branford Marsalis Quartet featuring Terence Blanchard on trumpet.

Brandford Marsalis is a gifted saxophonist. I've never seen him in person, I saw his brother Wynton in 1989 in Auckland, but the footage I've seen of Brandford suggests he's every bit as charasmatic. He's got all the best lines in Sting's documentary, Bring on the Night. The last album of his I bought is I Heard You Twice the First Time which is excellent and features Kenny Kirkland (another Sting collaborator), and other members of the Marsalis family.


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