Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm sorry, what?

Australian's have some amazingly blunt expressions. Mostly, their meaning is unambiguously clear but every now and then you hear a phase that could mean anything. One of my favourites is "died in the arse". As in "Some English bloke had a go at Everest but that died in the arse" or "the Waratahs were looking good, but they'll die in the arse come semi-finals" or even "Schapelle Corby's defence died in the arse". Put simply, something/one dies in the arse when the fail spectacularly and/or unsurprisingly.

Another I heard the other night is "rat-f**k". Some context will help: "Factions rat-f**ked Mark Latham", or "E tu Brutus, you rat-f**k" and "Fredo, you're my older brother, and I love you, but don't ever [rat-f**k] the family again". To rat-f**k, is to betray and deceive.


Anonymous said...

Dear backin15, you have a very limited vocabulary and i'm shocked and deeply appalled at your language usage. This is not the way to be speaking in modern society especially if there might be young children around. You need to display exemplary behaviour and act as a role model.
posted by fresh19 aka Sgt.Hashcookie.

backin15 said...

It's the crowd I've fallen in with; they've taken me away from the light.

Nathan P. Clarke said...

I fucking love "Died in the arse" and use it all the time. But what is the orgin though? I've got no idea.

backin15 said...

It's a classic; I'll come back to you on the origin, I know just the bloke to ask!